ACN Energy in Partnership with Engie


  • Current gas and electricity contract must be under your name or the company legal representative i.e. you must be the current account holder. In case you choose to activate direct debit payment, you need to have a bank account in Italy.
  • No, additional services are available in selected areas. By selecting the city, you will be informed whether the additional service is available.
  • No, you can only switch if you already have an existing agreement with an electricity and/or gas provider and the supply is active.
  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each current subscriber must create one customer account and place a separate order.
  • This is not allowed in the Italian energy market. All outstanding accounts with the current supplier must be settled before you may switch to a new supplier.

Switching Providers

  • You will need the latest current supplier’s invoice, your ID and a valid email address.
  • Yes, you will need to create an account before you may place an order. With the same account you will be able to switch services at different addresses. A separate business account is required for business customers.
  • No. Engie will use your current installation to supply energy and your current meter/equipment can continue to be used. The switch will be arranged without any inconvenience or interruption of the energy service.
  • Yes. The technician performs all required checks and issues a certification needed for the boiler maintenance logbook according to DPR 412/93 and following rules.
  • No, absolutely not. Engie will take care of everything to ensure a smooth switchover, including cancelling your current contract.
  • By signing up for a Dual Fuel order, you will be able to manage both your energy services with the same account. This also means that you will receive a single invoice instead of two separate invoices.
  • Yes, if you choose to not activate Direct Debit, Engie will send you a paper bill with a giro slip. This option is only available if you select paper invoicing instead of online invoicing (Bolletta On Line).
  • A deposit is required only in case you opt for giro. The amount of the deposit is defined in the Engie terms and conditions available online and attached to the contract.
  • Economic conditions (condizioni economiche), additional service features and terms and conditions of the service can be found on the Engie website, under the Dettagli dell'offerta section of each plan. You will also receive this information by email when you sign up with Engie.
  • The customer is bound to the Engie Terms and Conditions from the moment the order is confirmed online, even if the paperwork has not been signed or the copy of ID has not been uploaded. Customers may cancel the order with Engie; however, this is possible only during the cooling off period. After this period has ended, the customer is bound to the contract and will be switched to Engie.


  • You should check your email spam box, or try to log into the Engie customer area, select the forgotten password link, and request a new email.
  • This tariff is available to VAT-registered small business customers with a yearly usage of up to 50.000 kWh of electricity and 20.000 cubic meters of gas. Due to specific regulations, condominiums may not subscribe this offer; however, apartment owners may switch their unit services to one of the offers for residential customers.
  • It may take up to 6 hours for the contract to be generated. You should check your email spam box, and if no email is found, please contact the Engie support (details available on the Engie website.
  • Only the first 14 digit of POD numbers are needed to complete the switch. The 15th digit, if available, may be ignored.
  • This type of warning is provided by the national dabase Sii, not Engie. It means that the distributing company does not recognize the combination of POD and Codice fiscal/VAT number. There may be different reasons for this. Please check that your Codice Fiscale and POD numbers are the same as those featured on the latest invoice of the current supplier. If the data is correct but you still experience an error, you should report this to the current supplier to have the details checked and possibly updated. It then takes 15 days before the Sii national database is updated and you may place the order.
  • The gas distributing company is council-based. This detail is not mandatory, and the system populates this field automatically once you press next.
  • Currently, only meters (potenza installata) up to and including 16.5 kW are supported.
  • Please contact ACN via the Support page for help with placing your order.