1. Is the service available to both residential and small business customers?

No, the service is available for residential customers only

2. Are ENGIE and EDF the same company?

No, EDF and ENGIE are two competing energy suppliers, in a market where other players are also present. Both provide both electricity and gas. Since the opening of the energy market in France, consumers are free to choose their energy supplier.

3. Are there any restrictions regarding service eligibility?

Cases of non-eligibility:

  • A customer with power greater than 36 kVA for electricity
  • A customer benefiting from an Energy Voucher/Check from the government
  • A customer with a Tempo rate or EJP for electricity (tempo customers are only eligible for the EWE offer)
  • A customer living in a municipality served by desrégies = local natural gas or electricity distribution company
  • A customer living in the territory of Corsica
  • A customer already holding an Engie market offer
  • Expected move within 6 months (this is to avoid the customers to put in service an offer for which termination is imminent, and to avoid an important invoicing over a short period)
4. Can I sign up with Engie if I require a new energy connection?

No, you can only switch if you already have an existing agreement with an electricity and/or gas provider and the supply is active.

5. Is there any restriction in offering the product?

Yes, ACN offers are only dedicated to customers who:

  • Stay in their current accommodation and would like to change the provider
  • Have an active service with a provider other than Engie The exceptions are Engie customers with regulated tariffs – current Engie customers with regulated tariffs may switch to an ACN offer
  • Do not benefit from the Energy Voucher Program
6. In addition to the legal notices, what are the essential elements to mention to the customer when subscribing to the ACN market offer?
  • Retraction: The customer has a 14-day withdrawal period> I remind you that you have a 14-day retraction period as of this day.
  • Effective Date: The contract takes effect one month after the signature date. Example: for a contract is signed on 15/04 / 20XX, the offer takes effect on 15/05 / 20XX
  • The tacit renewal: The IBO must explain to the customer what will happen at the end of the contract: « ENGIE will send you a letter for the renewal of your energy contract with the new price applicable for the following period of 3 years, a minimum of 30 days before the end of your ENGIE contract. You can be confident that the price that will be presented to you at that moment will be the best proposal of ENGIE according to the context of the moment »


7. Do I need to cancel the contract with my current provider before placing an order?

No, absolutely not. Engie will take care of everything to ensure a smooth switchover, including cancelling your current contract.

8. Is there a breaking fee or an additional cost to change energy suppliers?

No, there are no breaking fees or additional costs.


9. May I use any of the service buttons available on the website?

NO. You should not use any service buttons as the order will be considered a direct sale with Engie

10. I did not receive an order confirmation mail

The order confirmation email should be received within 2 hours after the order was placed.

11. I did not receive an email with the contract documentation

The email containing the link to accept the contract is sent 2 days after the order was placed. If the email is not received after that period has passed, the customer should check their spam box. If the email is not found there please contact ACN IBO Services.

12. The order was submitted with an error. How can I correct it?

Contact IBO Services with the order details at hand and provide the correct data. ACN will request Engie to update the order accordingly.


13. An order is not visible on my Personal Customer List (PCL)

It takes up to 7 days after the order is submitted before it is visible on the PCL. Be aware that only validated orders are visible. If the order is incomplete (with wrong/missing information) it will only be visible after the incomplete reason is resolved.

If an order is incomplete you will receive an email alert with the incomplete reason(s). We recommend that you check your mailbox regularly so you can contact the customer and resolve the issue.

14. An order is not visible on the PCL and I did not get any alerts with an incomplete reason

Contact IBO Services, we will investigate and escalate to Engie if necessary.